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The genus Amblyseius (Acari: Phytoseiidae) in Greece, with the Description of a New Species

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G.TH. Papadoulis, N.G. Emmanouel
G.TH. Papadoulis, N.G. Emmanouel


A nationwide survey on Phytoseiid mites in Greece revealed the occurrence of 19 species belonging to the Genus Amblyseius. A key and illustrations of all these species are given along with the synonyms, habitats and distribution data. A new species, A. makedonicus, found on Oryza saliva, is described.


Acari; Phytoseiidae; Amblyseius in Greece; Amblyseius makedonicus spec, nov.; A. messor; A. degenerans; A. andersoni; A. begljarovi; A. nemorivagus; A. selosus; A. finlandieus; A. stipulalus; A. aberrans. A. keae; A. hymellicus; A. insuetus; A. graminis

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