First record of the invasive exotic sap beetle Phenolia (Lasiodites) picta (Coleoptera: Nitidulidae) in Greece

Published: Dec 12, 2020
Coleoptera Nitidulidae Phenolia exotic species alien species Greece
Konstantinos Kalaentzis
Athanasios Georgiou Mpamnaras
Christos Kazilas

The exotic sap beetle Phenolia (Lasiodites) picta (Macleay, 1825) is recorded for the first time in Greece. In August 2018, a nitidulid beetle was found and photographed near Mt. Pelion of Central Greece. It was later identified as P. picta, a recent alien species in Europe, previously recorded from Spain, France, and Turkey. Photographic material and information on the species’ distribution, biology, and potential economic and ecological implications are discussed.

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