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W. Kurz, A. Wölfler, R. Handler
W. Kurz, A. Wölfler, R. Handler


The Cenozoic tectonic evolution of the Eastern Alps is defined by nappe assembly within the Penninic and Subpenninic units and their subsequent exhumation. The units above, however, are affected by extension and related faulting. By applying distinct thermochronological methods with closure temperatures ranging from ~450° to ~40°C we reveal the thermochronological evolution of the eastern part of the Eastern Alps. 40Ar/39Ar dating on white mica, zircon and apatite fission track, and apatite U/Th-He thermochronology were carried out within distinct tectonic units (Penninic vs. Austroalpine) and on host rocks and fault- related rocks (cataclasites and fault gouges) along major fault zones. We use particularly the ability of fission tracks to record the thermal history as a measure of heat transfer in fault zones, causing measurable changes of fission track ages and track lengths. Additionally, these studies will provide a general cooling and exhumation history of fault zones and adjacentcrustal blocks.


thermochronology; Eastern Alps; Penninic; Austroalpine; Tauern Window; Koralm; faulting;

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