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H. Yavasoglu, M.N. Alkan, K. Aladogan, I.M Ozulu, V. Ilci, M. Sahin, F.E. Tombus, I. Tiryakioglu, S.O. Kıvrak
H. Yavasoglu, M.N. Alkan, K. Aladogan, I.M Ozulu, V. Ilci, M. Sahin, F.E. Tombus, I. Tiryakioglu, S.O. Kıvrak


The North Anatolian Fault Zone (NAFZ) is one of the most destructive fault in the eastern Mediterranean region. After Izmit and Düzce earthquakes, the projects on monitoring the fault motion increase using instrumental tools like GPS, InSAR, LIDAR, creepmeter, etc. The eastern and central part of the NAFZ from Karlıova to Vezirköprü has almost strike slip mechanism. The western part of the central NAFZ from Vezirköprü to Bolu has transpressive character. The aseismic fault deformation (creep) is also important phenomena for these two sections. The InSAR and LIDAR studies showed that the Ismetpasa and Destek regions have creep motions. For this purpose, the new project has been started to proof this phenomena with GPS data and to determine quantitatively the rate of convergence and its variation along segment of the NAF between Bolu and Çorum. The main aim of this study is determination of creep rate with geodetic measurements and combination of the data obtained from seismology, geodesy and geophysics to understand fault mechanism. Therefore, in this paper we discuss tectonic phenomena on the central part of the NAFZ and present the first results of the project.


Deformation; Earthquake; Geodesy; Creep;

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