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C. Smerzini, K. Pitilakis, K. Hashemi
C. Smerzini, K. Pitilakis, K. Hashemi


This study aims at showing the numerical modelling of earthquake ground motion in the Thessaloniki urban area, using a 3D spectral element approach. The availability of detailed geotechnical/geophysical data together with the seismological information regarding the relevant fault sources allowed us to construct a large-scale 3D numerical model suitable for generating physics based ground shaking scenarios within the city of Thessaloniki up to maximum frequencies of about 2 Hz. Results of the numerical simulation of the destructive MW6.5 1978 Volvi earthquake are addressed, showing that realistic estimates can be obtained. Shaking maps in terms of ground motion parameters such as PGV are used to discuss the main seismic wave propagation effects at a wide scale.


deterministic seismic hazard; seismic wave propagation; Spectral Element Method

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