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Κ. Κιτσόπουλος, Ε. Παυλίδου
Κ. Κιτσόπουλος, Ε. Παυλίδου


The proposed possible exploitation of gold ores deposits in the region of Thrace introduces a number of issues regarding the protection of the environment and the relevant concerns, set by the local communities, the information which the society is receiving on such matters through the press, and the presentation of such industrial activities through out the press. In this paper, a number of articles published in national and local press, dealing with the above issues are examined. At the same time, this work presents the results of a survey which was contacted in the region in order to investigate the perception of the local community, and the influence of the press in shaping the local public opinion with respect to a possible exploitation of the gold ores deposits in Thrace.

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