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C. Michael
C. Michael


Extensive epithermal systems occur within the Tertiary volcanosedimentary basins of western Thrace northern Greece. Gold deposits or perspective gold districts, related to the above epithermal systems have been recently found in the area. The gold mineralization is of the high – sulfidation type and is associated to a diversity in composition and style volcanic activity. Sappes epithermal system is the most important (Saint Demetrios and Viper deposits) and has developed in volcanic "ocks of intermediate composition accompanied by subvolcanic intrusives (dacite - andésites) and plutonio rocks (quartz - monzodiorites). Saint Demetrios and Viper gold deposits are flat lying and of high sulfidation type mineralizations hosted in hydrothermal breccia zones. Petrota epithermal system has developed in volcanoclastic and epiclastic rocks (Perama Hill gold deposit), in rhyolites (location Othontoto) and within hyaloclastites and crystal tuffs (location Mavrokoryfi). The mineralized epithermal zones have strong structural control. Perama gold deposit occurs at the intersection of NS and NW trending epithermal zones. These structures represent the higher grade "feeder" system. Pefka epithermal system is hosted in more acid volcanic vocks (dacites, rhyodacites) and at its southern part (Pasa lofos area) the system is associated with a more alkaline suit (shoshonitic rocks). The mineralized silicifid zones at Pefka mine would correspond to concentric fractures (sheeted fracturing) parallel to the margin of the breccia pipe. The gold mineralization occurs in veins. In general gold occurs in the form of native gold, gold tellurides or it is associated with enargite, luzonite, tetrahedhte. Advanced argillic alteration and intense silicification are very important for the epithermal systems in western Thrace. A unique low - sulfidation occurrence was found at the central and southern part of Sappes area. Adularla was found in veinlets overlapping argillic alteration zones of high - sulfidation system.

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