Κ. Αρίκας
Π. Βουδούρης
M. R. Kloos
Ch. Tesch

The penological, mineralogical and geochemical study of tertiary volcanic rocks from Petrota Graben/Maronia, resulted in the distinction of the following pétrographie groups: a) a high-K calcalkaline group (andesites-dacites), b) a shoshonitic group (shoshonitic andésites, trachytic lavas, c) rhyodacitic ignimbrites and ignimbritic tuffs with high-K calc-alkaline to shoshonitic affinity, and d) rhyolites. The shoshonitic volcanic rocks and the rhyolites are probably originated from the neighbouring Maronia plutonio complex. In addition the calc-alkaline group is related to similar volcanics outcroping in the Mesti-Kassiteres area (the northeastern extension of the Graben). The petrogenesis of the volcanic rocks of the Petrota gragen is attibuted to fractional crystallization and/or magma mixing processes. Epithermal style mineralizations in Mavrokoryfi, Perama Hill and Odontoto are believed to be genetically related to the rhyolitic magmatism in the area.

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