Tectonic relationship between the Druja (Gavrovo) and the Ionian zones of the Albania thrust belt

Published: Jan 1, 2001
Kruja zone Ionian zone Albania thrust belt tectonic relationship

The Kruja zone and the Ionian one are integral parts of the Albanian Thrust Belt, which lie directly in the northern continuation of the Western Hellenic Nappes up to their interruption against the thrust front. Flysch of the Oligocene and rarely carbonate deposits of Cretaceous-Eocene age consist the area along the boundary between the tow zones in question. Deposits of both tectonic zones are similar. But, despite the lithological similarities, presence of conglomerates in the Oligocene flysch and dolomites in the Cretaceous carbonates are the main characteristics of the Kruja zone. Whereas, pelagic carbonates in the Cretaceous section, as well as presence of detritic foraminifer limestone in the Oligocene flysch typify the Ionian zone.

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