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 This issue is comprised by three historiographical articles, an essay on the press in nineteenth-century Finland and an analysis of a historical novel. Two of them analyse the historiography of the Greek interwar period as it concerns the economy and notions of national cultural identity, respectively. Another article discusses the impact of digital archiving for the historical profession, contemplating its responsiveness to the demand for "instant history". The field of digital humanities also informs the next article, which, through the example of the Finnish press, seeks to make the concept of the virtual relevant in historical research. The final article offers a Foucauldian analysis of the notion of parrhesia as regards two historical personalities as they emerge from a well-known nineteenth-century historical novel, examining the multiple levels of historicity of the personas of the novel as well as the writer’s views on contemporary historical conflicts. There are also eight book reviews, mainly on the recent Greek historiographical literature, the oral history and the early modern european history. 

Historein focuses on questions concerning the production of historical knowledge and historicity, historical culture, public history and historiography. It welcomes articles that enrich and deepen debates currently evolving around issues of class, gender, race, ethnicity, nationality, religion and generation, and the impact that various conceptualisations have had on the establishing of collective formations and subjectivities.