Historein Volume 18 is available

The issues of Historein Volume 18 adopt a comparative perspective between Netherlands and Greece and propose an insightful research agenda on the return of the Jews to their home countries, after the Holocaust. Behind the successful postwar economic recovery and national reconstruction, and behind the hopeful emotions related to the joy of liberation, the authors in this volume trace the disastrous legacies of the Holocaust and its traumatic effects. They document and narrate the return to a normal life, which sometimes proved impossible, employing different strategies and scale of observation, moving from the level of high politics, national or transnational, to microhistorical approaches. They enlarge the scope of archival research by including material from humanitarian organisations, municipalities, the Jewish communities themselves or collections of testimonies and combining oral history and archival research. The articles delve into three main thematic axes: i) memory, trauma, testimonies and the formation of individual, generational and collective subjectivities, ii) the everyday life in the wake of war and genocide, and iii) the persistent antisemitism.