Conference on «Metapolitefsi: From the Transition to Democracy to the Economic Crisis?»


Friday, December 14

9.30 –10.00

Introductory remarks: Antonis Liakos (University of Athens)

10.00 – 11.30

Political legacies of the past

Chair: Ilias Nikolakopoulos (University of Athens)

Magda Fytili (University of Athens), Memories of the 1940s in the political party discourse of the 1980s

Hagen Fleischer (University of Athens), Memories, debts and oblivion of the occupation period as constants of German-Greek relations, 1974-1995

Vasilis Dalkavoukis (Democritus University of Thrace), “Metapolitefsi” in the streets. Memory, ideology and politics vis-à-vis the evolution of street names.


11.45 – 2.00

Protest during the “Metapolitefsi”

Chair: Dimitra Labropoulou (University of Athens)

Georgia Doukouri (Panteion University), The 1974-1985 labor struggles. The case of the industrial unions

Olga Karyoti (University of Athens), Trade-unionist institutions in the “Metapolitefsi”

Stathis Koutrouvidis (University of Crete), The 1975-76 protests and the labor policies of the state

Nikos Serdedakis (University of Crete), Continuities and discontinuities in  “collective action rhythms” in the transition from the “weakling democracy” to the “Metapolitefsi”

Lunch Break

3.00– 5.00

Between Anti-Americanism and Europeanization

Chair: Ioanna Laliotou (University of Thessaly)

Zinovia Lialiouti (Aristotle University of Thessaloniki), Anti-Americanism and the national narrative of the “Metapolitefsi”: irrational elements, rational usages

Effi Gazi (University of Peloponnese), From “national-mindedness” to “national-patriotism”. The transformations of Greek nationalism in the “Metapolitefsi”

Giannis Balabanidis (Panteion University), Embarrassed Europeanization: the contradictory reception of Europe as a legacy of the “Metapolitefsi”

Konstantina Botsiou (University of Peloponnese), New Democracy and PASOK, 1974-1985: “Europe” as politics and as identity



Forms of political participation

Chair: Athina Athanasiou (Panteion University)

Dora Kotsaka-Kalaitzidaki (University of Athens), Dividing ruptures and political organizations. The case of PASOK in Florina and Heraklion, 1974-1981

Katerina Labrinou (Panteion University), A generation in the kaleidoscope of the “Metapolitefsi”

Nikos Papadogiannis (Humboldt Universitaet, Berlin), Youth politicization and “culture” in the first years of the “Metapolitefsi”

Panagiotis Zestanakis (University of Crete/Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona), The “apolitical” response: singular collectivities and new conceptualizations of political action in 1980s Athens



Keynote Lecture

Cornel Ban (Boston University), The ghosts of transition: the unfinished business of postauthoritarian politics in southern and eastern Europe


Saturday, December 15

9.00 – 12.00

State and public policies

Chair: Nikos Alivizatos (University of Athens)

Anthoula Malkopoulou (SCAS Uppsala/University of Jyväskylä),“Metapolitefsi” and electoral culture: theory and practice of compulsory voting

Loudovikos Kotsonopoulos (Panteion University), The fiscal foundations of political legitimacy and the crisis of the state during the “Metapolitefsi”

Kyriakos Papanikolaou (Democritus University of Thrace), 1986/2001: The reexamination of politics

Dimitris Christopoulos (Panteion University), Is the Constitution a “set of obligatory rules” or is it “nothing”? Reflections on the development of guarantor institutions from 1974 to the present.

Ioannis Giannakos (University of Crete), The transformation of the state during the “Metapolitefsi”: the case of the Independent Authorities


12.15 -2.00

The culture of “Metapolitefsi” I

Chair: Syrago Tsiara (State Museum of Contemporary Art)

Maria Nikolopoulou (Greek Open University), The avant-garde and politics. The prose literature of the “Metapolitefsi”

Elena Chamalidi (Ionian University), Art and Life: Avant-garde and “low culture” from the mid-1960s to the early 1980s

Miltos Pechlivanos (Freie Universitaet, Berlin), The nekyias of the “Metapolitefsi” (by way of Stratis Tsirkas’ “The Lost Spring”)

Lunch Break

3.00– 4.50

The culture of “Metapolitefsi” II

Chair: Giannis Papatheodorou (University of Thessaly)

Kostas Karavidas (University of Athens), In search of popularity: ideological crossings and separations in the magazines “Anti” and “Politis”

Christos Mais (Leiden University), The “publishing spring” of “Metapolitefsi”: an outline

Vangelis Karamanolakis (University of Athens), The formation of a community. History and institutions in the “Metapolitefsi”



The culture of “Metapolitefsi” III

Chair: Panagis Panagiotopoulos (University of Athens)

Alexandros Efklidis (Aristotle University of Thessaloniki), The art of import and appropriation. Comments on the reflections of the national on the artistic economy of the “Metapolitefsi”

Eleni Kouki (University of Athens), Luxury will separate us again. Travel as a practice for the perception of the self and the nation in 1990s and 2000s Greece

Tryfon Mpampilis (University of Amsterdam), “Metapolitefsi”, international capitalism and the ethnographic aspects of modernity in contemporary Greece. The case of imported beverages



The “political” and the crisis of “Metapolitefsi”

Chair: Nikolas Sevastakis (Aristotle University of Thessaloniki)

Marilena Simiti (University of Pireus), Political crisis and alternative forms of political participation

Konstantinos Kalantzis (Princeton University), From “Resistance” to Infantilism: Epistemology and the Imaginary within the “Crisis”

Loukia Kotronaki (Panteion University), Apolitical, Anti-political, Political: Recording the relationship between political parties and the “Indignants” in the crisis of the “Metapolitefsi”

Serafeim Seferiadis (Panteion University), “Metapolitefsi”, collective action and the politics of connotations

Sunday, December 16

10.00 – 12.00

The comparative dimensions of post-authoritarianisms

Chair: Gerasimos Moschonas (Panteion University)

Thomas Kyriakis (Hamburg University), The political role of the army in the “tumultuous” Portuguese transition (1974-1976)

Kostis Kornetis (New York University), When did the juntas end? The specter of the transitions in collective memory and public history in Greece and Spain

Büşra Ersanlı (Marmara University), The seesaw of democratization and authoritarianism in Turkey (1980-2012)



Who’s afraid of the “Metapolitefsi”?

Panel Discussion

Chair: Antonis Liakos (University of Athens)

Discussants: Nikos Alivizatos (University of Athens), Athina Athanasiou (Panteion University), Polymeris Voglis (University of Thessaly), Gerasimos Moschonas (Panteion University), Ilias Nikolakopoulos (University of Athens, Nikolas Sevastakis (Aristotle University of Thessaloniki), Konstantinos Tsoukalas (University of Athens)


Organizing Committee:

Polymeris Voglis, Effi Gazi, Kostis Kornetis, Vangelis Karamanolakis, Antonis Liakos, Miltos Pechlivanos


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