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Υπότροφοι από τον Καζά Βοδενών (Εδέσσης) [IOANNA T. TIMOTHEADOU, Scholars from Kazas Vodenon]

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Ι. Τ. Τιμοθεάδου
Ι. Τ. Τιμοθεάδου


The Macedonian Stuggle lasted from 1870 to 1912. Bulgarian propagandaused all means available to attract the Slavian-speaking population to converting to Exarchy. Being deemed Bulgarian, they were main target, whileactually the majority of this population was Greek. The Stuggle mainly tookplace on the educational and religious field and the Bulgarian governmentspent huge amounts of money to found schools in Macedonia, includingVodena. The Greek State in view of the danger of Bulgarian penetration, supported the Greek schools of Macedonia financially between 1869-86 throughthe «Association for promotion of Greek Education» and from 1887 and onthrough the «Committee for support of the Greek Church and Education». Thepayment of the teachers and the scholars was 4monthly on receipt that wasvalidated by the Bishop of Vodena or the Thessaloniki Consul. This study hasgathered the details of dozens of students from the Vodena Kazas, that wereGreek State scholars and later became teachers and scientists. There is alsopresented the list of residents of the Oikotrofeio Vodenon, who were mostlyorphans of parents either killed in action or murdered by the Bulgarians andreceived the hospitality of the foundation. These institutions, in their own way,also contributed to the educational procedure.

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