Call for Articles


The third decade of the 21st century held in store an unprecedented health crisis, which put the issues of health and illness at the very centre of our daily lives, intensifying their lived experience. Movement restrictions, social distancing, and quarantine, to name some of the measures of protection against COVID-19, have been extensively applied in the past during outbreaks of communicable diseases in European societies, which were more familiar with disease, loss and death. Due to the living conditions and the lack of effective treatment methods, diseases such as smallpox and leprosy plagued the European population on a regular basis. However, the Black Death of 1348, the first cholera epidemic in 1817, and the Spanish Flu of 1918 are some of the most well-known and, as such, have monopolized scholarly attention because of their crucial impact on the societies, thus creating a state of insecurity and fear, which is established as a common denominator between the present and the past. As a result, we are experiencing the same emotions with the historical subjects of the past and that broadens our perspectives of interpreting the crisis.

               Taking into account the aforementioned, the Editorial Board of the newly established Mos Historicus: A Critical Review of European History kindly invites you to submit articles and papers revolving around the health crises that plagued European societies. The articles may concern, but are not limited to, these topics:

  • Diseases, methods of treatment/prevention, medical care
  • Instrumentalization and/or crisis response and planning
  • Formation of welfare perceptions and actions
  • Social, economic, political and demographic changes and consequences
  • Spatial differentiations, ghettoization, isolation, exile
  • Representations, interpretations, conspiracy theories
  • Treatment of the afflicted body, burial procedures, thanatology, superstitions
  • Psychological crisis management, emotional aspect.


               The aim of the first issue is to promote new approaches to health crises in European History from Late Antiquity to Modern period. The articles that will be submitted should be geographically integrated in the European area, apart from the Balkans, while comparative and/or global history approaches with reference to Europe shall also be accepted.


  • All submitted articles and papers will be evaluated by the Scientific Board in accordance with the blind review method.
  • Articles and papers should not be more than 5,000-8,000 words, excluding bibliography and appendixes. For an indicative presentation of citations / bibliographical references, please consult the attached file with the writing instructions. All articles should be submitted to
  • Mos Historicus: A Critical Review of European History is going to be hosted on the ePublishing platform of the National Documentation Centre, which grants free access.


New article submission deadline: 20 May 2022.

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