Unravelling the Concept of Community in Diaspora: The Role of Greek Immigrant Associations in the United States since 1900

Published: Jan 5, 2022
Diaspora Greek Immigrants Community Immigrant Associations Immigration United States
Theodoros Fouskas

The history of Greek overseas migration takes place between the end of the 19th and the beginning of the 20th century. The USA became a pole of attraction for Greek labourers aiming at starting a new life across the Atlantic, considering “America” as a place of opportunity and prosperity. This article examines the concept of community in diaspora and the role of Greek immigrant associations in the United States since 1900. The first organizations created by generally low-educated and unskilled immigrants until the beginning of the 20th century were expatriates from the same region in Greece (hometown associations). Among the main reasons that push immigrants to create ethnic community associations were the adaptation to the foreign environment and protection of their rights and the preservation of the national identity of language and traditions.

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