Artificial Intelligence and the Future for Charities

Published: Sep 4, 2023
AI Charities Efficiency Enhancement Technology Integration Impact Optimization
Iris Panagiota Efthymiou
Theoharris William Efthymiou Egleton
Souzana Chatzivasileiou
Alkinoos Emmanouil-Kalos

This article delves into the transformative potential of Artificial Intelligence (AI) in reshaping the landscape of charitable organizations. As technological advancements continue to accelerate, charities are presented with novel opportunities to enhance their operations, outreach, and impact. The paper explores how AI-driven solutions can streamline administrative tasks, optimize resource allocation, and personalize donor engagement, thereby allowing charities to operate more efficiently and effectively. By examining the intersection of AI and charitable work, this paper sheds light on the prospects and responsibilities tied to leveraging AI for a brighter future for charities and the causes they champion.

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