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Factors Influencing the Completion of Dissertations by Students of Post-Graduate Diploma in Education (PGDE) by Distance Learning in South-western Nigeria

Δημοσιευμένα: Jun 9, 2008
Felix Kayode Olakulehin
Olugbenga David Ojo

This paper reports the outcome of a primary quantitative investigation into the factors responsible for the completion or otherwise of dissertation reports by postgraduate distance learning students in Nigeria. The study set out to determine the reasons why many postgraduate distance learners fail to complete their dissertations after the course work. Using a structured questionnaire designed on a five-Point Likert-type scale, the researchers captured the opinions of some postgraduate distance learners about the factors affecting their completion of their research work.
The analysis of the study was done using simple percentages and it was found that many of the respondents had difficulty with statistical analysis; some others had problems identifying suitable research topics and supervisor problem, among others, constituted the major challenges facing many of the respondents. The study concluded with some recommendations on how the
administration of research work or dissertation writing by distance learners can be improved.

Keywords: dissertation, statistical analysis; research, postgraduate distance learners

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Felix Kayode Olakulehin, National Open University of Nigeria
Centre for Continuing Education & Workplace Training
Olugbenga David Ojo, National Open University of Nigeria
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