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Hellenic Open University student views on Supplementary Digitized Educational Material

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Vassilia Hatzinikita, Athanasios Katsis, Konstantinos Petrogiannis
Vassilia Hatzinikita, Athanasios Katsis, Konstantinos Petrogiannis


The paper presents a part of an evaluation study undertaken by the Hellenic Open University (HOU) regarding the design and implementation of Supplementary Digitized Educational Material (SDEM: Video, Hypertext, Webcast) which was developed in order to support a number of undergraduate and postgraduate modules. The aim of this paper is to examine the HOU students’ views about the quality of each module’s SDEM they used during their study. More specifically, students’ views about (a) content presentation (b) instructional and pedagogical methodology (c) technical specifications and (d) quality of interface of the SDEM were studied by adopting a quantitative approach. The relevant data were selected with the use of an online-based questionnaire, specifically developed for this evaluation study, administered through a user-friendly web application form. The research findings indicated that students consider Hypertext as the least effective mode of digitized material whereas Webcast is viewed most favourably especially in the pedagogical dimension. Finally, postgraduate students face more serious challenges than undergraduates not only in the pedagogical aspect but also in terms of the SDEM’s technical specifications.

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Distance Education, Evaluation, Hellenic Open University, Higher Education, Students’ Views, Supplementary Digitized Educational Material (SDEM)

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