About the Journal

Focus and Scope

Conatus - Journal of Philosophy is the semiannual international philosophical publication of the NKUA Applied Philosophy Research Laboratory and the National Documentation Center; it is an international open-access peer reviewed academic journal (both print and electronic) dedicated to the dissemination of original philosophical research. The journal invites original unpublished papers within any field of Philosophy or application of Philosophical method to any areas of intellectual and practical life:

  • History of Philosophy
  • Applied Philosophy
  • Ontology
  • Metaphysics
  • Theory of Knowledge
  • Epistemology
  • Political Philosphy
  • Social Philosophy
  • Medieval Philosophy
  • Renaissance Philosophy
  • Aesthetics
  • Ethics
  • Metaethics
  • Applied Ethics

Conatus' aim and mission is to make original philosophical research freely available, to facilitate exchange of ideas and inspire engagement in philosophical debates. To this purpose we encourage authors to share creative ideas and novel approaches, and in general express their views, no matter how challenging they might be.

Peer Review Process

Peer Review policy:

Conatus - Journal of Philosophy relies on a double blind peer review process to secure the quality, validity and academic integrity of its content. Submitted manuscripts will be assessed by the Editor (or the Editors) to ensure on the one hand that they fall within the scope of the Journal, and on the other that they abide by the academic standards the Journal embraces. Manuscripts that meet the Journal’s criteria are by standard procedure that guarantees blind review channeled to independent (to wit, not affiliated with the same institute as the author) expert reviewers, two at least, for anonymous peer review. The final decision concerning the acceptance for publication rests with the Editor.

Length of the review procedure

The standard length of time for the review procedure and the Editors' decision is sixteen (16) weeks, beginning from the date on which the Editor acknowledges the submission of the manuscript and provides the a confirmation of receipt.

Publication Frequency

Conatus - Journal of Philosophy is published semiannually. Journal items are published collectively, as part of an issue with its own frontcover and Table of Contents.

Open Access Policy

This journal provides immediate open access to its content on the principle that making research freely available to the public contributes to global knowledge exchange. We encourage authors to deposit their articles, as well as data underlying the publications, in institutional and/or other appropriate subject repositories.

Publication ethics

Conatus – Journal of Philosophy is strongly committed to publishing original, high-quality research content. To this purpose all editorial operations of the Journal abide by rigorous ethical standards that guarantee transparency and fairness of publication, in full accordance with the standards adopted by the National Documentation Center. In particular, the Journal’s core practices and policies are fully aligned with the Committee on Publication Ethics (COPE) document, that is accessible at:


We expect that all authors, reviewers, editors and readers, as well as anybody else involved in the publication process, thoroughly understand and accept the Journal’s publication ethics.

Responsibilities of Authors

  • All manuscripts must be previously unpublished either in print or in electronic form, and not under consideration for publication in another journal.
  • All manuscripts must be original work of the authors. Plagiarized manuscripts will not be accepted.
  • Authorship of a manuscript should be limited to only authors who have made a significant contribution to the work.
  • Authors shall disclose all financial or other conflict of interests that might influence the results of the manuscript and acknowledge individuals or organizations that have provided financial support for the research.
  • To the best of the author's knowledge the article does not defame any person, does not invade the privacy of any person, and does not in any other manner infringe upon the rights of any person.
  • To the best of the author's knowledge the article does not in any way violate intellectual property rights of third parties. Wherever permission is required, I have obtained it from the copyright holder.
  • By submitting an article the author declares that he/she has read and accepts the Copyright Policy and has prepared the manuscript according to the Author Guidelines of the Journal.
  • The author grants to the Conatus Philosophy Journal a royalty‐free, worldwide nonexclusive license perform all necessary actions to publish first the article in an issue of the Journal.
  • By submitting and article the author declares that he/she is the lawful right-holder of all rights under copyright in the Article, and he/she reserves all right not expressly granted in this Agreement.

Responsibilities of Reviewers and Editorial Board Members

  • Reviewers shall keep all papers confidential and treat them as privileged information.
  • Reviewers shall inform the Editorial Board of any conflict of interest, or if the double blind nature of the peer-review has been compromised.
  • Reviewers shall complete their reviews within the allowed timeframe.
  • The Editor-in-Chief and the Editorial Board members are responsible for making decisions on the content of the manuscripts submitted to the journal.
  • The journal uses a double blind peer review process. The Editor-in-Chief and members of the Editorial Board shall not reveal either the identity of authors of manuscripts to the reviewers, or the identity of reviewers to authors.
  • Editorial Board members shall not use content disclosed in a submitted manuscript for their own research without the author's prior written consent.
  • Editors shall conduct ethical and fair investigation into ethical complaints.

Rights reserved by Conatus - Journal of Philosophy

  • The Journal reserves the right to further license the Article to any third party in order to be further used, distributed or communicated to the public by any means, including the Internet or other electronic communications.
  • In any case of re‐publication of the Article, Conatus Philosophy Journal should require permission by the Author.
  • The Journal will issue corrections or/and retraction statements or other post-publication updates, including erata, corrigenda, and addenda; in exceptional cases the Journal reserves the right to remove published content. Corrections and retractions observe the Committee on Publication Ethics (COPE) Post-publication Corrections and Retraction Guidelines. In particular,

Corrections and Retractions

In compliance with the COPE Post-publication Correctinons and Retraction Guidelines, Conatus - Journal of Philosophy will publish [a] author(s) corrections, [b] author(s) name corrections, [c] publisher corrections, [d] addenda, and [e] Editor's notes of concern. Cases [a] and [b] are upon request by the author; cases [c], [d], and [e] are on the Journal's own initiative.

The Journal reserves the right to issue retraction statements and/or remove published content in cases that

  • serious errors occure in the conduct of the research,
  • the views expressed are manifestly partial and/or outwardly biased,
  • publication or research ethics have been violated.

Published content of any kind (research papers, introductions, discussions, book reviews, etc.) will be completely removed from the Journal's online platform in cases of

  • defamatory content,
  • content that infringes the rights of a third party, such as intellectual property rights, the right to privacy, or other legal rights,
  • unlawful content (including instances of violation of the General Data Protection Regulations),
  • content that would promote anti-social or discriminatory views, as well as hate speech and violence.


Conatus - Journal of Philosophy relies on a double peer review system, so as to ensure the quality and academic integrity of the published material. To that purpose all manuscripts are channeled to independent (that is, not affiliated with the same institute as the author) expert reviewers.

The Journal invites professionals, experts and scholars to register with it as reviewers, and thus become members of this growing, active international community on the one hand, and enjoy the fruits of partnering with a high impact philosophical journal on the other.


The National Documentation Centre (www.ekt.gr) is a national infrastructure. Since 1980, it actively engages in the collection, organization and dissemination of scientific and technological information in Greece and internationally. EKT’s strategic priority is the aggregation, organized online dissemination and preservation of quality-assured scholarly and educational content in a single research infrastructure.

EKT’s vision is “Access to Knowledge”. To this end it implements Open Access policies in research, supports the transfer and dissemination of scientific knowledge, collaborates with research, education and cultural institutions for the aggregation, organization and dissemination of digital content and provides innovative services in scientific information.

EKT provides reliable ePublishing services as part of its scholarly content aggregation and dissemination activities . Its integrated online ePublishing environment is developed with open-source interoperable technology. This affords the incorporation of EKT’s infrastructures into the continuously developing international infrastructure environment.

EKT’s ePublishing services (http://epublishing.ekt.gr/) are directed to public and extended public institution publishers of accredited scholarly journals. They include, most significantly, the organization, documentation and organized dissemination of metadata and content of scholarly journals, the training and consulting services on issues such as intellectual property, the standardization of editorial processes according to internationally accepted standards, the inclusion of content and metadata in international content indexers and harvesters via interoperable systems.

Sources of Support

The print version of Conatus - Journal of Philosophy is funded by the NKUA Applied Philosophy Research Laboratory.

Journal History

Conatus - Journal of Philosophy is the semiannual philosophical publication of the NKUA Applied Philosophy Research Laboratory; it is an international open-access double peer reviewed academic journal (both print and electronic) dedicated to the dissemination of original philosophical research. The journal invites original unpublished papers within any field of Philosophy or application of philosophical method to any areas of intellectual and practical life.