Thucydides' Work Through Cornelius Castoriades' Penetrating Outlook

Published: Apr 5, 2017
Castoriadis Thucydides force droit
Trisevgeni Georgakopoulou
Book review of Cornelius Castoriadis, Ce qui fait la Grèce, 3. Thucydide, la force et le droit. La création humaine (Paris: Le Seuil, 2011).
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Castoriades, Cornelius. The Imaginary Institution of Society. Translated by Sotiris Chalikias, Kostas Spantidakis, and Giouli Spantidaki. Athens: Kedros, 2010.
Castoriades, Cornelius. What Makes Greece, 3. Thucydides, Force and Right. Translated by Zoi Castoriadi. Athens: Kritiki, 2011.
Shakespear, William. Macbeth. Translated by Vasilis Rotas. Athens: Epikerotita, 1992.
Thucidides. History. Translated by N. M. Skouteropoulos. Athens, Polis, 2014.
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