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The legal protection of the accrued contributions in the Greek Public Pension Fund for the Self-Employed in view of the latest reductions

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George Simeonidis, Dafni Diliagka, Anna Tsetoura
George Simeonidis, Dafni Diliagka, Anna Tsetoura


This paper focuses on the pensioners of the Greek public pension fund for the selfemployed (OAEE) and is divided into two parts. The first part comprises calculations of pension reductions in certain cases for the selfemployed. The analysis of the former illustrates the great difference in handling pensioners
receiving low and high old-age pension benefits. The second part analyses the legal protection of the high-earnings pensioners precipitated by the Greek financial crisis. It is concluded that while there is no existing legal protection, there are some moral and legal arguments in support of their protection to
ensure that their legal status is not undermined due to restricted financial resources.


pension system; Greek pension reform; pension reductions; principle of equivalence; principle of proportional equality

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