Practice, evolution and protection of human rights through the International Court of Justice jurisprudence

Published: Jan 15, 2023
international law; Charter of the UN; ICJ; international jurisprudence; general principles; protection of human rights; ICJ jurisdiction; immunities; jus cogens.
Jenifer Loger

The present work tries to analyze the relationship or not of the protection of human rights from the International Court of Justice. It is a work based on jurisprudence and the dissenting opinions of the judges of the Court that with the help of the doctrine we will try to arrive not at certain conclusions but to open the way to new discussions that have to do with juridical positions that put in practice new ideas of approach to protect human rights from an international body and always remaining a topical and continuously developing topic for the next few years. This investigation has excluded cases of state liability, the use of control mechanisms and correlated ordinances for humanitarian purposes in relation to human rights.


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