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The American Yearbook of International Law (AYIL) is an annual publication containing original contributions on issues in international law (public, private, etc.). The Yearbook aims at contributing to the development of thought, standard-setting and relevant practices throughout the world. The Yearbook provides annual papers/reports on new developments and researchers in international law. The AYIL publishes contributions written in english in order to reach the largest possible international audiences. The Yearbook is open to active practicioners of international law on a regular basis from all over the world. The AYIL do not accept comments of international cases and issues of European Union law.

Current Issue

Vol. 1 No. 1 (2022): American Yearbook of International Law-AYIL

Published: 2023-01-19

Case management in the portuguese civil procedure code

Maria José Capelo, Lucinda Maria Duarte Dias da Silva

Brazilian judiciary technological transformation

Anderson De Paiva Gabriel, Valter Shuenquener de Araújo, Fábio Ribeiro Porto

Russia/Ukraine military conflict: Discussing the maritime element of the confrontation

Harold Thomas Workman, Dimitrios Dalaklis, Adriana Ávila-Zúñiga-Nordfjeld

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