The crime of aggression and the case of Ukraine

Published: Jan 15, 2023
ICC; international criminal justice; Prosecutor; StICC; crime of aggression; international crimes; international peace and justice.
Elizabeth Pollman

Crime of aggression, international crisis, protection of human rights and international criminal justice are some of the notions that in last years the international community seek to find a commonly accepted basis to examine and analyze them. Particularly, the crime of aggression in recent years has changed its “face” and an attempt has been made to find application in the more stringent context of international crimes. The Ukrainian case is one of the latest examples and certainly not the last where international crimes, and the International Criminal Court must find the way to punish this atrocity as punishable crimes and as a purpose not only for the evolution of international crime law but also for the international peace and the world criminal justice. The present work tries to concretely analyze the crime of aggression in the occurrence of Ukrainian crisis and the work begun with the repression of international crimes and especially that of aggression.

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