The intrinsic value of human life according to Ronald Dworkin: an exemplar of reflective equilibrium

Published: Nov 22, 2015
bioethics ethics value of human life Ronald Dworkin
Φίλιππος Κ. Βασιλόγιαννης (Philippos C. Vassiloyannis)
Ronald Dworkin, in his monograph Life’s Dominion, discusses the intrinsic value of human life following an exemplary method. However, according to the author’s opinion, the final reflective equilibrium of Dworkin’s argumentation is based on two latent Kantian ideas relating to: a) the distinction between conviction and persuasion, and b) the practical postulate that all citizens should live together under strict conditions of liberty and equality i.e., respecting mutually each other’s reasonable beliefs (and in the present case, their reasonable beliefs about abortions and euthanasia).
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