Dia-noesis – A Journal of Philosophy is a biannual scholarly publication issued under the auspices of the University of Western Macedonia (Greece). it is an international open-access peer reviewed journal (both print and electronic) dedicated to the dissemination of original research in the field of philosophy, political theory, history, political anthropology, history of political thought and literature, religion, metaphysics, epistemology, and ethics. In addition, the journal accepts comprehensive book reviews by distinguished authors in the above fields.


Call for papers - Issue 16


Dia-noesis is now accepting submissions for Issue 16 dedicated to Philosophy in Late Antiquity. Accepted topics revolve around Middle Platonism, Neoplatonism, Neo-Aristotelianism and Neopythagoreanism. The deadline for submissions is October 30, 2024. The Issue will look at philosophical concepts and theories that emerge during this particular period of time, which can relate to any philosophical branch.

Guest Editor: Lydia Petridou (petridoulydia@yahoo.gr)

Current Issue

Vol. 15 (2024): Leadership: charisma, power, and freedom

Published: 2024-06-23

Articles on

charisma, power, and freedom

J. Edgar Bauer,
"Parce que c’estoit luy": On Michel de Montaigne’s Ontic Disruption of Sexual Taxonomies and the
Individuality of Lovers, p. 9
Jorn Janssen,
Ethics as a Means to Power, p. 59
Antonis D. Papaoikonomou,
Leadership and power: the psychopathology of Shakespearean Richard III, p. 81
Rina A. Pitale Puradkar,
Saint Jnaneshwar: A Spiritual Leader of Varkari Sampradaya (Sect) of Maharashtra; a Retrospection, p. 93
Sotiria Triantari,
From coaching to Mentor Leader: Profile and skills of the mentor leader in human resources management, p. 103
Ioanna Tripoula,
The ethics of war leadership as seen through ancient Greek poetry, p. 123
Nick Tsampazis,
The natural gift in Rousseau’s politics and educational theory, p. 139
Elias Vavouras - Maria Koliopoulou - Kyriakos Manolis,
From Participatory Leadership to Digital Transformation under the interpretation of Political Philosophy:
Types of Leadership in Education and School Administration, p. 153


Teresa Lasala,
Hope and the joy of living, in Pieper’s philosophy, p. 171
Lampros I. Papagiannis,
The banality of Being and Becoming, p. 193
Evgenia Thanopoulou,
Private property, labour and the transformation of Political Economy in 1844 Manuscripts, p. 209

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