Socioeconomic class, status group and social origin in Athens c.2013 - A structural schema for the analysis of urban consumption

Published: Oct 6, 2016
Social stratification cultural consumption socioeconomic class status mobility Athens
Δημήτρης Εμμανουήλ

The paper outlines the analytical framework and the empirical correlates regarding the main dimensions of social stratification that were explored through a survey research in 2013 Athens examining the relationship between stratification and consumption – both material and cultural. Focusing on cultural consumption, it is argued that a neo-weberian framework based on a clear-cut distinction between socioeconomic class and social status coupled with social origin data as indicators of cultural capital offers a potent model of structural determinants of consumption patterns. The paper examines the available material for an application of such a model in the Athenian context and offers an example of its relevance for the empirical analysis of cultural and mixed cultural/material consumption in the case of the breadth of choices of theater genres and types of places for dining out.


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