Transnational intergration and national disitegration: Regional underdevelopment and spatial imbalance in Greek society

Δημοσιευμένα: Jan 1, 1980
Mary Evangelinides
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Mary Evangelinides

Mary Evangelinides was born in Athens in 1938. She studied
Sociology and Psychology at Deree-Pierce College, Athens (Bachelor
of Arts, 1973) and Urban and Regional Studies at Sussex University,
England (Master of Arts, 1975). She followed courses in Urban
Sociology, Spatial Analysis, Regional Economics, Regional Policy
and Planning in Britain and in Europe (CEE countries). She is
presently a Ph. D. Candidate at Sussex University and is doing
research on regional polarization and development in developing
countries with special reference to Greece. Some of her other areas of
interest and research are: community development and social planning;
social area analysis; domestic and international migration;
criteria affecting industrial location decisions; the social aspects and
effects that the multi-national companies, operating in Greece, have
on local personnel and population. She worked in various field projects
and community research surveys in Athens and in Greece. She
attended various international conferences in Greece and Britain and
organized an international conference at Sussex University on Social
Planning, Industrial Location and Housing. Publications: Skyros, the
Sociological Image of an Island. Papers: Community Development
versus Community Action in Britain and France, submitted to
Sussex Univ., Social Area Analysis in the United States, Britain and
France, submitted to Sussex Univ.

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