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News: Call for papers Vol.1: Stereotypes on the Screen

Stereotypes are not only transported but also created by movies on the big and small screens. Movies thereby become emblematic for cultural, racial, and social stereotypes. The initial volume of Entertainment – Journal of Media and Movie Studies wants to analyze this interrelationship in more detail and is, therefore, asking for submissions that deal with stereotypes on the screen. Possible topics may include but are not limited to

Movies and racial stereotypes

Prejudice creation on the screen

The staging of the ‘other’

Propaganda on the screen

Articles should range between 5000 and 8000 words and use footnotes (following the latest Chicago Manual of Style).

The biannual (March and September) and peer-reviewed journal also offers two sections on 

Book Reviews (1000-1500 words) and Movie Reviews (2000-3000 words).

For detailed information on the journal and the submission procedure, check: http://ejournals.epublishing.ekt.gr/index.php/entertainment/about

The deadline for an initial proposal (250 words and a short CV) that allows the editor a better planning of the first volume is: September 30, 2015.

You will be informed within two weeks if your proposal is accepted.

The deadline for the submission of full papers is: November 30, 2015.

For submission of the proposal and final paper or initial questions, contact: fjacob@qcc.cuny.edu