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Engineering geological mapping of the Pallini urban area

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D. Kotsanis, P. Panagiotopoulos, D. Rozos, C. Loupasakis
D. Kotsanis, P. Panagiotopoulos, D. Rozos, C. Loupasakis


Engineering geological thematic maps can provide substantial information for the development of cities, the land planning of future infrastructures and even more for the planning of the natural hazards prevention and/or mitigation. To this direction the engineering geological map of the Municipality of Pallini, at the Eastern Attica prefecture, at a scale of 1:20.000, was compiled. For that purpose, the following workflow was adopted: Firstly, a desk study helped in selecting the relevant topographic and geologic maps, which were digitized and introduced in a GIS environment. Secondly, the data coming from detailed geological mapping were elaborated to the same GIS environment. Thirdly, geotechnical data collected from borehole logs, such as lithostromatographic sequence, in situ tests and laboratory tests were introduced in geotechnical database. The statistical evaluation of this data provided estimates for numerous geotechnical parameters. Finally, the engineering geological map was compiled by merging the geological formations into lithologic units according to their origin, age, natural condition, and geotechnical characteristics.


Lithologic units; Physical characteristics; Mechanical properties

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