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Reduction of rockfall risk of the Teleferik area of Santorini-Greece.

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E. Lekkas, V. Alexoudi, I. Lialiaris
E. Lekkas, V. Alexoudi, I. Lialiaris


The Teleferik area of Santorini Volcanic Complex, is characterized by rockfall risk due to existing morphological, geological, geotechnical and geodynamic conditions. It is therefore considered a high risk area because of the huge number, in annual  base, of its visitors. The objects of the research are: (i) To identify areas with increased risk of boulders’ detachment, ii) The mapping of rockmasses for direct intervention projects,( iii)To suggest scenarios of rockfall events, (iv) To recommend the urgent works required upslope of the lower lift station of the Teleferik in order to reduce the existing risks to an utmost minimum. The calculations for the above assessments were mostly based on back analysis method, processing data of the recent rockfall events. The proposed interventions belong to the general context of large-scale projects, while top priority is given to works upslope of the lower lift station, which will work as an extra last line of defense in case of large-scale geodynamic events in the future.


Rockfalls; Hazard; Santorini; Hellas

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