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S. Vassilopoulou
S. Vassilopoulou


Southern Argolis Peninsula is an interesting Geological and Geomorphological area due to the variety of the geological structures and the interchange on the terrain. Ground and remote sensing data, relating to geology and tectonics, were compiled with terrain analysis data in a GIS data base, in order to perform morpho-tectonic analysis in the Southern Argolis Peninsula. Terrain analysis data were automatically produced by the specific software “PROANA” (based on ArcGIS). The main direction of Southern Argolis Terrain is E-W. The same direction is observed from the rose-diagrams of morphological discontinuities. The hydrographic network has a NW-SE main direction. The depositional planation surfaces (0-5%) that are located near the coast are related with neotectonic faults. The direction of the Faulting Zones is mainly ESE-WNW and E-W. The most active tectonic structures were observed to the southern and south-western area of Southern Argolis Peninsula, towards Kranidi and Argolikos Gulf.


morpho-tectonic analysis; terrain analysis; GIS; remote sensing data;

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