Vol. 40 No. 4 (2007): 11th International Conference of the Geological Society of Greece

Published: 01-01-2007

Drainage network characteristics of Athens plain at the end of the 19th century

A. Alexouli - Livaditi, K. Vouvalidis, G. Livaditis, S. Pechlivanidou

Laboratory testing properties of sandstones

G. Koukis, N. Sabatakakis, S. Papanakli

Landslide hazard analysis - a case study in Kerasia village (prefecture of Karditsa)

V. Matziaris, M. Ferentinou, O. Angelopoulou, S. Karanasiou, M. Sakellariou

Identification and assessment of Cretan geotopes

C. Fassoulas, K. Paragamian, G. Iliopoulos

National Park of Iti: Environmental and geomorphological impacts from the mining activity (Greece)

A. Mertzanis, G. Karetsos, V. Smyrni, G. Efthimiou, G. Zakinthinos

The Plaka petrified forest park in western Lesvos - Greece

N. Zouros, E. Velitzelos, I. Valiakos, O. Labaki

A contribution to environmental research of the Korissia coastal wetland (Corfu isl., Greece), with the application of combined geological and geophysical methods supported by Geographic Information Systems

J. D. Alexopoulos, V. Tomara, Em. Vassilakis, T. D. Papadopoulos, M. Dassenakis, S. Poulos, N. Voulgaris, S. Dilalos, G. Ghionis, G. Goumas, E. Pirlis

Geological-geophysical study for the disign of a hazardous waste landfill in Albania

A. Beqiraj, P. Alikaj, M. Lamaj, Y. Muceku, B. Çanga, G. Leka

Evaluation of ground information with respect to EPB tunnelling for the Thessaloniki metro, Greece

P. G. Marinos, M. Novack, M. Benissi, G. Stoumpos, M. Panteliadou, D. Papouli, V. Marinos, K. Korkaris

Application for source parameters calculations as input for static stress changes studies

P. M. Paradisopoulou, E. E. Papadimitriou, V. G. Karakostas, A. Kilias

Strain rates in Greece using GPS measurements from 1994-2000

S. Rontogianni, P. Clarke, M. King, D. Lavallée, P. England, B. Parsons, M. Floyd

GIS development for ground deformation data management. A case study in Cephallonia island (western Greece)

S. Vassilopoulou, K. Chousianitis, V. Sakkas, B. Damiata, E. Lagios