Published: Ιαν 1, 2010
seismic microzonation GIS engineering geological mapping geotechnical data Volos
A. A. Antoniou
G. Tsiambaos
The city of Volos located at the foot of the Peninsula of Pelion at Central Greece experienced several strong earthquakes during the previous century. The engineering geological conditions of the city have been analyzed using a relational geotechnical database management system, while the city subsoil has been grouped into five geotechnical units. The maps showing the contours of the depth to bedrock head and the ground zoning against seismic hazard were compiled through GIS. For the compilation of the latter map, a set of unified classification criteria was proposed based on the Greek Seismic Code (EAK 2000).
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  • Engineering Geology and Geotechnical Engineering
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XLIII, No 3 – 1110
Fig. 4: Ground zoning map of Volos
basin concerning earthquake hazard.
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