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S. Sboras, A. Ganas, S. Pavlides
S. Sboras, A. Ganas, S. Pavlides


We study the neotectonic regime and evolution of the central-eastern part of the Asopos River basin (Beotia, Central Greece) which is an area undergoing crustal extension. The main tools that were used in this research were a) field mapping of neotectonic and active normal faults and b) morphotectonic analysis of 59 catchments, which was carried out by GIS techniques. Our results include a) series of maps displaying the spatial variation of morphotectonic indices (sinuosity, asymmetry factor, valley-floor-to-height-ratio etc) and b) map of neotectonic fault segments with associated faultslip data. The morphotectonic analysis indicates that if normal faults in this area are active, they are capable of generating earthquakes with M >6.0.


Morphotectonics; active faults; GIS; Asopos; Beotia; Greece;

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