The geology of Mount Orliakas and the Pindos Ophiolite, Greece.

Published: Dec 27, 2019
geological map Pindos Ophiolite Mesohellenic Trough Mount Orliakas Pindos Mountains
Kevin Wong
Kathryn Draper
Linshu Feng
Philip Hawkins
Samuel Oakley
Xiao Xu Zheng
The Greveniotiki Pindos Mountains of Greece showcases the tectonics
affecting the Central Mediterranean; however no detailed geological
maps have been produced of the region. In this study we present a
1:10000 geological map of Mount Orliakas and its surrounding areas,
including westernmost parts of the Pindos Ophiolite complex and the
Mesohellenic basin. We also provide new lithological, structural, and
palaeontological discussions of the region and give new evidence for
the provenance of the Kranea Formation.
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