Call for papers - HAPSc Policy Briefs Series, vol 1, no 2


HAPSc Policy Briefs Series, vol 1, no 2

 State, Democracy, Society and Economy in the 21st century: challenges and prospects

The Hellenic Association of Political Scientists (HAPSc) is inviting all researchers and experts to submit Policy Briefs based on recent research conducted in the following topic: “State, Democracy, Society and Economy in the 21st century: challenges and prospects”.

The journal:

HAPSc Policy Briefs Series is a scientific journal of the Hellenic Association of Political Scientists (HAPSc). It was established aiming at the comprehensible and coherent publication of information on current issues, as well as at the exchange of interdisciplinary approaches for the analysis and provision of policy proposals. This biannual publication aims to develop interdisciplinary and multilingual dialogue by providing summaries of relevant research, suggesting possible repertoires - policy options or supporting specific actions, measures and policies.

The journal uses the system of double-blind peer review, while the free open access of its content is provided.

ISSN: 2732-6578

e-ISSN: 2732-6586


Open Submissions: 27/10/2020

Deadline for Submission is: 30/11/2020

Answers will be given at the end of December 2020.

I. Introduction: Policy Briefs are tools that can transfer academic findings to a concise policy note that could be accessible by policy makers and general public.

The choice of the topic is left open to researchers.


II. Eligibility: The Call is open to both members and non-members of the Hellenic Association of Political Scientists and the brief could be a submitted by up to six authors.

Authors can be academics, technocrats and business executives.  


III: Language: Accepted language is English. Additionally, applicants could also submit papers in French, Spanish and Greek. We encourage interdisciplinary and interlinguistic dialogue.


IV: Topics: Topics may include, but are not limited to the following:

  • Democratization and State in transition: New challenges and perspectives
  • Welfare State, Social Policies and Social Inclusion
  • Public Administration and Management: Theory, Reforms and Adjustments in the new era
  • Health Policies, Economics and Management: adapting to the new situation
  • Environmental Policies, Energy and Politics
  • Life-Long Learning, Educational Policies and Human Capital
  • Social Movements, Social Rights, Activism and Law
  • Immigration, Refugees and Human Rights
  • International Economics and Global Economy: trends and directions
  • International Organizations and International Relations in the 21st century
  • The European Union in the 21st century: perspectives and prospects


V: Submission and Evaluation process: Please submit your Policy Brief to with e-mail Subject: “Submission at HAPSc Policy Briefs Series”

The policy brief should:

✔      be between 2.000 – 2.500 words including references.

✔      include your name and your affiliations. Also, Google Scholar Profile and ORCID should be included for each author, if available.

✔      Include up to 10 Key words for metadata.

Also, your submission should include two word documents:

1. The Policy Brief (according to the available template).

2. A short bio (about 300 words max).

Your policy brief should be named as “nameofauthor_hapscpolicybriefs2020.docx” and should be written in Times New Roman 12, line spacing 1.5. Also, you should follow the Harvard reference style.

The evaluation will be based on the following criteria:

⮚      the choice of the topic

⮚      the contribution to the existing knowledge

⮚      the recommendations and policy relevance and their feasibility

⮚      the quality of writing


The selected Policy Briefs will be published at the “HAPSc Policy Briefs Series: State, Democracy, Society and Economy in the 21st century: challenges and prospects”.