Fouling Bryozoa from some Alexandria harbours, EGYPT. (II) Encrusting species

Published: Dec 1, 2008
Polystyrene test panels immersed half a meter deep in the water were used to collect the fouling,
encrusting Bryozoa at three harbours in Alexandria city. These were Abu Qir Harbour, the Eastern Harbour
and El-Dekheila Harbour. Four species of encrusting bryozoa are recorded in the present study.
These are Conopeum reticulum, Watersipora subtorquata, Cryptosula pallasiana and Schizoporella errata.
The first species is affiliated to the Membraniporidae family , belonging to the suborder Anasca while
the other three species are affiliated to the Watersiporidae, Cryptosulidae and Schizoporellidae families
respectively. These families belong to the suborder Ascophora. A re-description, supplied with full structural
illustrations of the recorded species is given. Moreover, the temporal and spatial distributions of the
species recorded are provided
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