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Growth, Mortality And Yield Per Recruit Of Bogue, Boops Boops (L.), From The Egyptian Mediterranean Waters Off Alexandria

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Age and growth of Boops boops(L.) from the Mediterranean Sea off Alexandria were estimated from scales. No significant difference in growth was found between male and female. Back-calculated lengths at annulus formation for combined sex were 10.97, 14.03, 16.39, 18.56 and 20.51cm TL. The estimated von Bertalanffy growth parameters were L ‡ = 31.68 cm, K = 0.1531 year -1 and t Ζ = -1.7838.The length-weight relationship was W = -2.1548L 3.1031 . Total mortality (Z), natural mortality (M) and fishing mortality (F) were 1.283, 0.458 and 0.824 year -1 respectively. The exploitation rate (E) was 0.464. A Beverton-Holt yieldper- recruit model indicated that the maximum yield-per-recruit was 21.06 g when fishing mortality was 2.4 and the current fishery harvests approximately 95% of the potential yield.

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