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Catch composition and management of daytime purse seine fishery on the Southern Mediterranean Sea Coast, Abu Qir Bay, Egypt

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The present work aimed to obtain precise data on the catch of the purse seine net operating at daytime from sunrise till noon in Abu Qir Bay during 1997 and 1998. Sardine, anchovy, mullet and rabbitfish were recorded as the main target fish groups. Twenty-seven species were recorded as by-catch species. Catch per unit effort was estimated to be 93 kg/day/boat. The percentage of each target species in the catch and its length frequency distribution were presented. The length range of by-catch species and the season of catch were recorded. Daytime purse seine in Abu Qir Bay is an effective method but should regulated by directing the fishing to deeper waters outside the bay rather than the inshore coastal area to conserve many economic species of this important fishery.

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