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Verification of seiching processes in a large and deep lake (Trichonis, Greece)

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A computational analysis of the periods and structure of surface seiches of Lake Trichonis in Greece and its experimental verification from three simultaneous water gauge recordings, mounted along the shores in Myrtia, Panetolio and Trichonio is given. The first five theoretical modes are calculated with a finite difference code of tidal equations, which yield the eigenperiodes, co-range and co-tidal lines that are graphically displayed and discussed in detail.
Experimental verifications are from recordings taken during spring. Visual observations of the record permit identification of the five lowest order modes, including inter station phase shift. Power spectral analysis of two time series and interstation phase difference and coherence spectra allow the identification of the same five modes. Agreement between the theoretically predicted and the experimentally determined periods was excellent for most of the calculated modes.

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