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Evaluating the historical sedimentation patterns in two different Mediterranean deep environments (Sardinia and Sicily Channels)

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The sediment accumulation rate in the Sardinia and Sicily channels in the central part of the Mediterranean Sea was studied by using short-lived radionuclides (210Pb and 137Cs) in two deep sediment cores. Different sedimentation regimes were identified indicating substantial differences in accumulation rates and historical patterns. The 210Pb-derived mean accumulation rate found in the Strait of Sardinia was 0.05 g.cm-2.y-1, lower than that in Sicily Channel (0.1 g.cm-2.y-1) suggesting an inverse correlation with water depth. Excess 210Pb inventories were 24 ± 1 and 6.0 ± 0.4 kBq.m-2, while the fluxes to the sediment were 745 ± 31 and 188 ± 11 Bq.m-2.y-1 in Sicily and Sardinia channels, respectively. 137Cs failed to use for the validation of the established chronologies, while its inventories found 450 Bq.m-2 and 355 Bq.m-2 in the Sicily and Sardinia channel, respectively.


Mediterranean Sea ; Tunisian coast ; 210Pb and 137Cs ; sediment accumulation rate.

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