The Question of Modern Economic Development in Greek Historiography and its Public Perception during the 20th century (1907–1990)

Published: Aug 21, 2018
Greek economic history historiography public history
Alexis Franghiadis

Presumed traits of the Greek economy, such as backwardness, dependence, faulty entrepreneurship, shortage of capital and aversion to industrial investment, have long constituted a solid stereotype, which emerged in the 1930s. The stereotype was undermined by empirical research during the first period of intense growth of economic history in Greece, from 1974 to 1990. It continues, however, to be perpetuated, even in academia. Its main components are the historiographical silence on the significance that Greek business networks in the Balkans, the Middle East and southern Russia had for the Greek economy; contempt for the presumably feeble and unreliable Greek bourgeoisie; an extreme reliance on the regulatory role of the state, which permeated the political spectrum; and misapprehension of progress outside the secondary sector. The persistence of the stereotype reduces our ability to analyse actual problems that are related to contradictions inherent in modernity and postmodernity, rather than to backwardness or underdevelopment.

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Author Biography
Alexis Franghiadis, Independent researcher

Born in Athens in 1962, Alexis Franghiadis specialises in 19th- and 20th-century Greek economic history. He studied economics at the Athens University and economic history in Paris and at the European University of Florence, where he received his PhD in 1990 for his thesis on “Peasant Economy and Export Trade: Currant Viticulture in Southern Greece, 1830-1893”. He has taught at the Faculty of Economics of the University of Athens as a visiting professor. He is author of Ελληνική οικονομία, 19ος–20ος αιώνας, από τον αγώνα της ανεξαρτησίας στην Οικονομική και Νομισματική Ένωση της Ευρώπης [The Greek economy, 19th–20th centuries: from the War of Independence to the European Economic and Monetary Union] (Athens: Nefeli, 2007).

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