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Historicising the Metapolitefsi: A Review of the Three Publications of the Themelio Metapolitefsi Series

Kimon Markatos


Review of three publications:

Manos Avgeridis, Efi Gazi and Kostis Kornetis (eds.), Μεταπολίτευση: Η Ελλάδα στο μεταίχμιο δύο αιώνων [Metapolitefsi: Greece at the crossroads of two centuries]. Athens: Themelio, 2015. 448 pp.

Vangelis Karamanolakis, Ilias Nikolakopoulos and Tasos Sakellaropoulos (eds.), Η μεταπολίτευση ’74-’75: Στιγμές μιας μετάβασης [The metapolitefsi, 1974–75: moments of a transition]. Athens: Themelio, 2016. 248 pp.

Leonidas Kallivretakis, Δικτατορία και μεταπολίτευση [Dictatorship and metapolitefsi]. Athens: Themelio, 2017. 280 pp.


Greek junta; metapolitefsi; dictatorship; political transition;

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Kalyvas, Stathis. “Η κουλτούρα της μεταπολίτευσης” [The culture of the metapolitefsi]. Kathimerini, 14 December 2008.

Kalyvas, Stathis. “Το μετέωρο βήμα της Μεταπολίτευσης” [The suspended step of the metapolitefsi]. Kathimerini, 30 August 2015.

Kornetis, Kostis. Children of the Dictatorship: Student Resistance, Cultural Politics, and the long 1960s in Greece. New York: Berghahn, 2013.

Papadogiannis, Nikos. Militant Around the Clock? Left-wing Youth Politics, Leisure, and Sexuality in Post-dictatorship Greece, 1974–1981. New York: Berghahn, 2015.

Voulgaris, Yannis. Η μεταπολιτευτική Ελλάδα 1974–2009 [Greece in the period of the metapolitefsi, 1974–2009]. Athens: Polis, 2013.


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