Paul Thompson, with Joanna Bornat, The Voice of the Past, 4th ed.

Published: Aug 21, 2018
oral history
Riki Van Boeschoten

Review of Paul Thompson, with Joanna Bornat, The Voice of the Past: Oral History.
4th ed. New York: Oxford University Press, 2017. xii + 484 pp. 

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Author Biography
Riki Van Boeschoten, University of Thessaly; Greece

Professor Emeritus

Department of History, Archeology and Social Anthropology

Abrams, Lynn. Θεωρία προφορικής ιστορίας [Oral History Theory]. Edited by Riki Van Boeschoten; translated by Loukas Rinopoulos. Athens: Plethron, 2016.
Thompson, Paul. Φωνές από το παρελθόν: Προφορική ιστορία [The Voice of the Past: Oral History]. Edited by Riki Van Boeschoten and Konstantina Bada; translated by Riki Van Boeschoten and Nikos Potamianos. Athens: Plethron, 2002.