Trajectories of social history: a report

Published: May 27, 2013
Ottoman Cultural turn Social history
Haris Exertzoglou
This article considers the position of historical practice today, with an emphasis on social history and particularly from the point when it overlapped with the cultural turn
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Author Biography
Haris Exertzoglou, University of the Aegean
Haris Exertzoglou studied Economics and History in Athens and London where he supported his PH.D Thesis on “Greek Bankers in Constantinople, 1850-1881”, (King’s College, University of London). He is Associate Professor of Cultural and Social History in the Department of Social Anthropology and History, University of the Aegean. He has published extensively on the history of the late Otoman Empire and of the the Greek Orthodox communities in particular. His publications include National Identity in Constantinople in the 19th Century. The Greek Literary Association of Constantinople 1861-1912, [in Greek] Athens, Nefeli 1996, and “The lost Homelands beyond Nostalgia. A Socio-cultural history of the Greek Orthodox in the Ottoman Empire, 1850s – 1900s”, [in Greek] Athens/ Nefeli 2010.
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