Clinical signs of foot and Mouth disease in flick of Saanen goats in the village of N. Sofiko


This research describes the clinical signs of foot and mouth disease (type O), observed for ten days in a isolated flick of Saanen goats in the village of N. Sofiko, Prefecture of Evros, in August 1994. The disease appeared in Evros ten years after the last incident of foot and Mouth disease in two herbs of cattle in Delta of Evros in 1984. Young animals (kids) were affected by the disease first and the older ones presented clinical signs in the following five or six days. Nearly every animal presented a high fever (up to 41,9) diarrhoea, frothy nasal and oral secretion, lacrimation, small vesicles and necrosis of the mucosal membranes of the oral cavity. The serological research, gave positive results for 3 animals in a herd for cattle, located 10 Km far from the focus of the disease. Sera from 45 sheep and goats in 14 flocks, gave also positive results, but no clinical signs were observed. Finally, the goats of the flock affected by mouth and foot disease, were killed as well as the animals of a sheep flock and a cattle herd. Those sheep and cattle browsed in the same field with the goats affected by the disease and serum samples taken from them, gave positive results. Besides, all sheep and goats in the limits of protective and supervision zone having title >200, were lifted according to the Headship's of Veterinary Service in Evros decision, so the region returned to its former way of life.

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