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Current Issue

Vol. 75 No. 2 (2024)

Published: 2024-07-06

Gastrointestinal stromal tumor (GIST) in a female Terrier dog

O Yavas, NY Gul Satar, AM Mutlu, U Canatan, EC Özfirat, A Akkos, MÖ Özyiğit

A Case of Canine Renal Cell Carcinoma: an Immunohistochemical Approach

M Usta, A Ayaz, F İlhan, M Karaman, H Özen

Effect of ß-glucan from Euglena gracilis as an antioxidant on goat semen cryopreservation

B Ustuner, MK Soylu, E Sengul, D Karakci, E Gokce, A Aktar, F Ak Sonat, T Cimen, O Huraydin, MM Yılmaz, Z Nur

Evaluation of using probiotics, prebiotics and symbiotic as growth promoters in broilers and their effects on some growth performance-related genes

A El-kahal Hassanien, AM EL-Kaiaty, HM Sobhy, GM El Moghazy, AH Gomaa, MH Abdel A’al, MM EL-Attrouny, SHA Hekal

Ultrasonographic study on pastern soft tissue injuries in tent pegging horses

A Zohier, T Baraka , A Abdelgalil, A Aboelmaaty, SG Yehia

Epitheliotropic T-cell lymphoma in Syrian Hamster (Mesocricetus auratus)

JR Vetter, LG Maidana, TES De Oliveira, DN Méndez-Morán, DA Dacak, GM Heurich-Suárez

Cross-sectional survey on bacterial co-infections in Peste des Petits Ruminants virus-infected small ruminants in Enugu State, Nigeria

IC Chukwudi, KI Ogbu, IC Ugochukwu, OB Daodu, PE Duile, UC Obiekwe, SE Nwankwo, PC Animoke, NH Ikenna-Ezeh, O Oyeleye, TM Ogunniran, H Momoh-Abdulateef

Bacterial and Parasitic Co-Infection in Carassius gibelio Bloch, 1782 Caught in the Onaç Reservoir, Türkiye

P Yıldırım, Ş Kan, SS Güçlü, Ö Özmen, A Özdamar, E Bahrioğlu, A Kubilay

Redox Balance in Van Cats and It’s Association with Age, Gender and Eye Color

B Bilgic, C Özkan, L Moscati, A Kaya, B Dokuzeylül, A Kayar, ME Or

Use genetic modification indicator to increase the precision and accuracy of genomic analysis

M Safarzadeh, MH Kalani, M Nezafat , M Ouni, P Ghadermarzi, H Aghazadeh, S Rajabi; J Pish Jang Aghajeri

Isolation, identification and genetic variation analysis of pseudorabies virus mutant strain from Chinese pig farm

B Zhou, X Wang, C Xin, J Lin, S Dong, Y Wen, R Zhang, H Shan, Hongliang Zhang

Conjugated linoleic acid in meat

M Govari, P Vareltzis

Haemonchus contortus infection of goats and the use of anthelmintic natural alternative : An updated review

SM Soliman, HM Salem, M El-Saadony, AE Ahmed, A Saad, MT El-Saadony

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