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The pattern of IgG concentration in neonatal lamb's sera from birth till 7th day (168th hour)

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A quantitation of IgG was made, using R.I.D test, in blood sera of 15 newborn iambs. The quantity of IgG was measured in time intervals immediately after birth and before suckling till 168th hour after birth. Two lambs out of 15 have detectable amount of IgG in their sera before suckling. The maximum concentration of IgG in 11 lambs sera was measured 24 hours, in 3 lambs sera 36 hours, and in 1 lamb's serum 48 hours after birth, respectively. In three lambs out of 15, a percentage of 20%, the serum concentration of IgG was less than 30 mg/ml. One of these lambs died and another got ill 120 hours after birth.


Ανοσοσφαιρίνες; Παθητική ανοσία; Νεογέννητοι αμνοί

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