Vol. 73 No. 3 (2022)

Published: 2022-10-25

Mast Cell Tumour and Mammary Gland Carcinoma Collision Tumour. Case report and literature review.

C Rifici, A Sfacteria, S di Giorgio, G Giambrone, G Marino, G Mazzullo

Metabolomics characteristics associated with milk yield and milk quality in sheep

M Kahraman, A Das, G Gungoren, B Dogan Das, H Yalcin, M Hitit, İ Koyuncu, S Akmese

Seroprevalence and risk factors assessment of Brucella spp. in dairy buffaloes in mainland Greece.

A Papapostolou, EJ Petridou, K Papageorgiou, A Stournara, A Benos, S Lafi, N Giadinis

Evaluation of total sialic acid, paraoxonase activity and malondialdehyde in cows with subclinical paratuberculosis

E Akyuz, A Kükürt, M Makav, E Gökçe, HA Eroğlu, HA Deveci, G Gökce, M Karapehlivan

Effects of Flooring Types on Growth Performance, Behaviour and Health of Dairy Calves

M Yanar, A Diler, VF Ozdemir, R Aydin, R Koçyiğit, MH Gul

The effect of different housing systems on the welfare and the parasitological conditions of laying hens

K Nenadović, M Vučinić, R Turubatović, Z Beckei, T Gerić, T Ilić

The prediction of lambing rate in Awassi sheep using a rapid visual PAG ELISA test

Mehmet AKKÖSE, Çiğdem ÇEBİ-ŞEN, Yadigar POLAT

Serological survey of Chlamydia abortus in Greek dairy sheep flocks

EJ Petridou, E Kiossis, D Chochlakis, SQ Lafi, A Psaroulaki, LK Filippopoulos, M Baratelli, ND Giadinis

Use of a Global Positioning System (GPS) to Manage Extensive Sheep Farming and Pasture Land

O Ermetin, Y Karadağ, AK Yıldız, ÖF Karaca, H Tüfekçi, Y Tufan, AN Kayaalp

Effects of different heat processing methods of rapeseed on ruminal and post-ruminal nutrient disappearance

H Paya, A Taghizadeh, A Hosseinkhani, H Mohammadzadeh, H Janmohammadi, G Moghaddam

Blood transfusions in dogs and cats from Portugal: a retrospective study

Letícia Dias, Hugo Vilhena, Nuno Carolino, Andreia Freire, Mauro Moura, Ricardo Aleixo, Ana C Silvestre-Ferreira, Sofia Duarte